Meltdown Momma | The Book
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The Book

In her debut book, Domonique West Townsend shares her entertaining, empowering, and encouraging story to help uplift ambitious working mothers. Sweetheart, After Your Meltdown, Can You Make Dinner? was written uplift mothers who raise their children, work outside the home, and juggle life in between. If you’ve ever needed to tell yourself to relax and take a deep breath (or had someone else tell you take a chill pill!) while trying to be a #SuperMom, then this book is for you.


“Mother’s don’t say how they feel simply because they don’t want to appear as if they don’t have it altogether. The truth is, sometimes we don’t! And that’s Ok. Who are we holding our feelings in for anyway? Why aren’t we comfortable being who we really are?” – Domonique West Townsend


Domonique – our resident Meltdown Momma – digs deep in answering these questions and provides words of wisdom and encouragement along the way in this uplifting and hilarious quick read.


Between raising kids, working and keeping up the household, mothers often lose their identity and sometimes get overwhelmed. One of her cleverly written chapters, appropriately titled “Just Breathe,” Domonique discusses the stress in trying to find the time to regain a sense of self after having children. She helps readers by providing success strategies to help them find the time to … breathe.


This enticing weekend read touches the basis of what a mother feels, but never talks about. The book is filled with funny, true family stories, quick, insightful tips and inspirational quotes leaving the readers with the comfort to know they are not alone in their journey of motherhood.

Read this excerpt:

Behind the smile of a mother lies a story. Each story is unique. There are days where she feels on top of the world and days where she will feel over-whelmed. No matter a mother’s background, marital status, race or income, she is a person that is not exempt from the range of emotions that come with motherhood. So pat yourself on the back, for every day you accomplish more. Even when your story seems to overwhelm you, you must know that you are going to make it. Seek comfort in being yourself and know that you are unique.

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